About Us

Our Story!

          Project•Ghost is the continuous learning IT firm that adapts to the always changing trends in the technology world. We strive to educate our clients to make informed decisions for more productive lives and conduct more efficient business. Although we are a business, we don't believe in reinventing the wheel, rather to teach people to solve their common problems because we know that creates a trust, which will continue to keep their business for different situations in the future.

          Our growth has lead us to be a leading IT company in Southwest Florida and known in other areas of Florida as an up and coming IT firm that will create "serious competition" and be the "one stop shop for all your technical needs."

          As we continue to head to the future, Project•Ghost will enhance its services as well as create new departments to service different technical areas all while keeping our core efficiencies, such as personalized care and ease of understanding, that made us what we are today! Feel free to call us today and let us be your personal CIO (Chief Information Officer)!



How we are making IT happen!

2005:          Project•Ghost first began as a private service for select customers.

2009:          With the amazing success that was created and the interest that sparked many, it                   was decided that it would be offered to the public in a full time manner.

2011:          Project•Ghost opened its main office in Southwest Florida.

2012:         Support coverage extends to the West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami areas.

2013:         Making IT happen!