Digital Surveillance

High Tech Peace of Mind!

          We all can't be at our office, restaurant, of home at all times. Knowing what's going on when we're not there is just human curiosity, and thanks to new technologies we are able to solve this issue in several ways. Security camera systems are now more afordable than ever and, depending your needs, greatly customizable.

          At Project Ghost we have installed dozens of systems ranging from your casual 4 camera home, to 8 camera restaurants, to even 16+ camera warehouses with the best of the best available. We only work with the best brands and guarantee our best work throughout every step of the project. From system prices to cable managing, our work speaks for itself and we're not afraid to show it. Whether they are dummy, infrared, remote pan-tilt-zoom, or HD resolution, there are options to satisfy any location!

          Call us today to see demos of locations we have implemented camera systems and we invite you to come visit to see how this will benefit you with such great features as remote live viewing, remote playback, and all at amazing price points!


^Remote View On Any Smartphone^

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