Future Plans

Time Doesn't Stop & Neither Do We!!

Online Classrooms

          One of the many used services that gets requested a lot is tutoring. After so many sessions with people, we have come to learn and devise a way to satisfy everyone and make learning more enjoyable! Our answer is Ghost•Classrooms. We are working on the easiest and most fun way to host online sessions with multiple people connected at once so that we can all see and hear each other while we learn, just like a classroom! Please stay tuned and submit your ideas to make your experience better at support@ProjectGhost.Co.


Support Call Centers

          Why take your computer all the way to the store or have someone come to your home and charge you an arm and a leg to perform the simplest of tasks and fixes? Our Ghost•Centers are the solution to this ever growing hassle. One call to us and we'll be able to fix the problem remotely, and thus eliminating the waste of time and money.


Expand Our Physical Reach!

          Sure the online support is a great means to do business, but our passion is based on projects! Our plan is to expand throughout all of Florida within the next 4 years and then expand nationwide with expert technicians working under one unified company.


We Have Only Begun!

          This is all only a stepping stone compared to what we have planned for the future. We have other projects in the works but be sure they will be incredible! As we have mentioned many times previously, Project•Ghost is VERY open minded. That is why with suggestions from our customers and contributions, we are able to do the amazing things today. So please, e-mail or call us with any suggestions and ask how you can become part of our team or simply suggest how we can help you better!