Network Solutions

Connect, Sync, Do!

          From designing, to implementing, to even maintenance support, Project•Ghost prides itself in its network infrastructure solutions. This is how we began and still regard it as our core of all services. Not only do we take care of every issue from beginning to end while letting you know what is being done every step of the way, but also do something that has all our clients thanking us for because no one else does it, documentation!

          Throughout our experiences we know that IT companies thrive on keeping critical documentation away from their clients just to have return business (such as admin information to change simple things on their network, like wireless passwords). It's ethically wrong and we don't believe in that! It's YOUR NETWORK and you should know or have access to all its information.

          At Project•Ghost, we provide the following services to businesses, as well as residential locations:

          - Site Evaluations / Network Mapping / Documentation

          - Windows / Mac Server Implementation & Support

          - Wide Area Wireless Implementation & Support (see below)

          - Cloud Services

          - Onsite / Remote Maintenance

          - Cost Reduction Technologies

          - Efficient Process Flow Methods

          - Cable Runs & Hardware Mounting

          - Custom Projects & Much More!

Wide Area Wireless with Meraki!

Next Gen Wireless Connectivity!

          Whether it's hotels, malls, schools, offices, restaurants, or even communities, the ability to provide wireless to a wide area under single or multiple identities is very possible with the greatest of ease. Our industrial expertise with Meraki has allowed us to partner up with them to provide their efficient solutions to our clients.

          At Project•Ghost, we don't recommend anything but the best! So when it comes to managing and access controlling wireless to the public, Meraki basically sells and actually pays for itself when we demonstrate its full analytical capabilities. With the ability of cloud management, custom splash intro pages when first logging in, and much more, let us show you what we can do with such an amazing product and how your business will benefit. CALL NOW!

^Cloud Management with Google Map Positioning^


^User and Application Management^