No Problem Is Too Big or Small!

          The basics of computer repair. Whether it's just a small program glitch or a full out hard drive corruption of viruses, troubleshooting is the core start of resolving any problem. Our team of experts have encountered almost every type of problem out there and quickly can deduct the options to repairing said problems. From on-site to our remote application, Project•Ghost technicians will solve your problem from beginning to end without giving you the headache.

          What separates us from the rest is that once we fix your problems, we offer the knowledge to teach you how to avoid and correct the problem if it arises in the future. We are firm believers in not reinventing the wheel and know that our service speaks for itself that clients will return to us in the future because of the value and personalized care we offer them. Call us today to schedule an appointment or stop by our office with your computer!


Tune Up For Performance!

          Just like vehicles, computers need to be maintenance on every so often depending on environment and use. It is critical to have a routine schedule set because any dust or unwanted programs will accumulate and slow down the computer at a rate where eventually it will be too late and drastic, more costly measures will have to take place.

          Project•Ghost offers basic to comprehensive maintenance routines that will guarantee to extend the life of your computers for years to come. Call today for an assessment of your business or home and we'll plan the most efficient maintenance schedule for your machines.

Custom PCs

Stand Out With Ultimate Performance!

       Not everyone is the same, so why should their computers? People have different needs and their computers should reflect them and their personality. From powerful big rigs, to stylish artistic encasings, we have created some pretty cool custom machines for clients throughout the years. We love a challenge, so come with your ideas and Project•Ghost will create the perfect machine for you.