Restaurant Solutions

Serve More, Worry Less!

          Customers are the key to restaurant survival. When employees and management are too busy performing tedious and redundant tasks, such as miswritten checks to the kitchen, they take away from giving the customer the experience they deserve. From point of sales, to kitchen routing, to even customer wait line solutions, we at Project•Ghost have come across and learned vast amounts of both hardware and software solutions. Each with it's strengths and target markets, we have narrowed our favorites when it comes to price point, feature set, scalability, and ease of use.


          As authorized resellers of Touch Dynamic, we at Project•Ghost prefer and use their hardware deliver custom solutions to our clients. Depending on the features and price our clients are looking, we have a select few software solutions that will satisfy any need!

          Call today to request demos on our lineup and let us show you how we can streamline your restaurant so you're less busy worrying about your technology and more focused on serving your guests!