Phone Calls of Tomorrow!

          If there's any part of our services that is the definition of being efficient and promotes scalable growth, then VoIP is it. Not only do you save money just by switching to VoIP, but the system pays for itself fairly quick between the savings of redundant tasks, the efficient use of the technology, the phone bill, etc.

          Whether it's connecting multiple locations as one or having your same extension halfway around the world, VoIP's feature list will certainly move your business to the next level. From ease of use to easily scalable, a VoIP system is a must have for any growing business.

          Call us today for demos regarding VoIP systems and see not only see how they will revolutionize your business, but also just how much money they will save you! Check out some of the following amazing features:

 Replace your expensive conferencing service with a conference bridge for each employee in your office, for free.  Instantly provision your phone and make it yours. Works with any Aastra, Cisco, CloudTC, Polycom, Snom, Linksys, or Yealink phone.  Keep the same number but route your calls through Google Voice. Limit the confusion of having too many phone numbers.

Need to set a different Caller ID each time you make a call out? Now you can.  Did you know that you can’t call 911 through Skype or Google Voice? Make emergency calls through your phone with e911. Have one phone number simultaneously ring your cellphone, desk phone and/or home phone.

Dial a simple customized code you set yourself to change phones and make it yours, with your caller ID.     Start typing someone’s last or first name to reach their extension number.  Take calls on the go by transferring calls seamlessly from your desk phone to cellphone.


Keep your voicemail safe and secure no matter where you’re accessing it from.  Get your voicemails sent to your email inbox and check them from there. An easy drag-and-drop interface makes managing your telecom system super easy. 


Find the best way to route your call to save you the most money. We have ensured that your call quality won’t be compromised. Billing doesn’t have to be such a hassle anymore. Sometimes people would rather text than talk. Now you can do that right from  your desk phone. Note: Available December 1.


Click any 10-digit number and start calling right away. Tired of that terrible elevator music on hold? Show off your music taste with customized your music on hold for each device. Send fax over your IP network rather than the PSTN.


Get all faxes sent straight to your   inbox and send faxes from your computer via email.   Fax is still actively used. Have an idea for a fax application that isn’t on here? Build it with our API. Need to start out with a brand new number? Purchase and instantly activate a new number and make it yours today.

Create your basic call center with the ability to handle massive amounts of calls. Have multiple users access the same voicemail box. Great for department collaboration and workflow. Send your call from one device to another, as you need it.