Web Design

Reach The World!

          The ability to let the world know who you are is now greatly possible with the internet through the creation of a website. There are many people out there want sites for themselves and/or their company, but as soon as they hear the techno lingo they stray away. This is where we come in!

          At Project•Ghost we simplify the web development cycle by informing you every step that is needed to create and host your site. Also, we take the time to know what your end goals are and future ones to better guide you along the process. The following are the services our web development team offer to create and grow your digital footprint:

          - Professional Logo

          - Plan goals and concept of the site

          - Create phases of completion

          - Develop site to your wants and needs

          - Host the site online

          - Maintain and update site

          - Teach how to do simple updating

          - Document all accounts created and critical information

          - Search Engine Optimization

          - Google Adwords Targeting

          - Google Adsense Marketing


Check Out Some Of Our Work!

          To start, just check out our new Project•Ghost here! A lot of planning took place to create this beautiful site that's also ready to scale as we grow in the future. Check out some of our other work below:

^The Leakminator^

^HT Photography^

^Imperial Impressions^